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To Be Preserved For All Time: The Major and The President Save Blair House

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To Be Preserved for All Time tells the story of the preservation of Blair House, the President's Guest House on Lafayette Square. Built as a family home in 1824 just across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, Blair House miraculously survived impending demolition as the need for government office space increased at the turn of the twentieth century. It stands today one of the oldest and most historically significant homes in Washington, D.C. Candace Shireman, curator of Blair House, writes engagingly about Major Gist Blair's fight for the preservation of the historic landmark and the importance of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's support. Today, Blair House plays an important role in Washington as the President's Guest House, the official guest house for visiting heads of state. Through its "unique diplomatic mission," Shireman writes, Blaire House "has hosted people and events of profound significance and impact on American and world history for more than sixty years. . . . Preserved and made useful through shared stewardship and support, Blair House, the White House, and other sustainable historic buildings in their neighborhood and elsewhere are models to emulate as we work toward conserving and recycling all our resources—material, environmental, cultural—for a truly stronger, enduring America."


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