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A Christmas Dream Holiday Card Set

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Made in the USA

Made In The USA


SKU 515 | Size 7” x 5”

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The 2014 Christmas card celebrates President Warren G. Harding’s (1865–1923) lifelong love of trains with a watercolor by artist John Hutton. Harding was born and grew up in rural Ohio, in the small city of Corsica, today’s Blooming Grove. During America’s post-Civil War years, the explosive expansion of railroad building across the nation brought faster speed than man had ever known, and lured the imagination to new places. As a boy, Harding determined to grow up to be a locomotive engineer. His future took other paths, but in 1923, as President of the United States on a cross-country tour, his childhood wish came true when he climbed into the cab of an Alaskan Railroad engine and in bliss controlled the speed with his own hands for fifty-one minutes. Artist John Hutton’s colorful illustrations on this card capture President Harding’s childhood dream and his moment of triumph at the throttle and brakes.

16 cards with envelopes. Greeting Inside: “Holiday Greetings.”

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