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Made in USA

Tiber Creek Wood Puzzle

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Size 11¾” x 17¾” (when completed). 443 pieces.
Material Archival ink and paper over ¼-inch maple veneer plywood
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Product Description

This classic wooden jigsaw puzzle features Tiber Creek: The Bathers, an oil painting commissioned by the White House Historical Association from Peter Waddell for the 2012 exhibition, "An Artist Visits the White House Past." President John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States, liked to swim early in the morning when the weather was welcoming. The fifty-seven year old president never swam alone, and his usual companion was the White House steward Antoine Michel Giusta. On June 13, 1825, his son John, then in his early twenties and acting as his father’s secretary, also went along. On the morning the picture represents, the president decided to commandeer an abandoned boat, row it down Tiber Creek across the river, then swim back, keeping the boat nearby for safety. Suspicious that the boat was too leaky, young John stripped down, waded away to the river, and intended to dive in and accompany the swimmers on their return. But by the time the boat was swept into the Potomac from the swift creek, it was filling with water; danger was quickened by a sudden squall from the north, and the boat began to sink. Giusta jumped into the water. The president scrambled overboard and would have drowned, had Giusta not been at hand to pull him to the shore. He described the near-tragedy in detail that evening in his diary, concluding: “By the mercy of God our lives were spared, and no injury befell our persons.” And he pledged to try no further feats of athletic skill but to “strictly confine myself to purposes of health, exercise, and salutary labor.”

Each puzzle piece is uniquely shaped. Archival ink and paper over ¼-inch maple veneer plywood. 443 pieces. Made in the U.S.A.

WARNING: Choking hazard--small parts NOT for children under 3 years.