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American Eagle Heirluminare Votive

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100% natural wax candle, porcelain vessel

SKU 7800 | Size 5 ½" tall; 9.8 ounces

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This heirluminare votive candle is 100% natural wax and has an average of 60 hours burn time. The fragrance has top notes of rosewood and tropical fruit, heart notes of Lily of the Valley and raspberry, and background notes of amber, jasmine, and musk. The design for this product was first developed in collaboration with the United States State Department for use in the White House and Embassies globally.

Mottahedeh is a recognized leader in luxury ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs. This 90-year-old company focuses on complex and beautiful colors and unique historic shapes crafted through centuries old techniques and attention to detail.

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