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Historical Collection Box


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SKU 527 | Size 14½" x 9½" x 1½"

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The White House Historical Association is pleased to offer a gift box celebrating the history of the White House. This custom box features thoughtfully curated items that evoke the imagery and spirit of the White House.

Each box is hand assembled with exclusive White House Historical Association products, including our White House challenge coin, the White House commemorative ornament, patriotic striped socks, Oval Office bookmark, Truman Seal Velvet Jewelry Box, pocket-sized book Quotations by Abraham Lincoln, White House cuff links, and pearl earrings.

The American-made box is printed with White House architectural details and presented with a beautifully designed featuring a large-scale Truman seal image. Beneath the band, the Association’s etched logo appears atop the box. The open box reveals gold and white striped tissue paper bound with an exclusive etched presidential seal bookmark. The full box is neatly filled with historic gifts, each wrapped or mounted on a custom historically inspired card or band, connecting each item to the history of the White House.

This bespoke box is the ideal gift for individuals wanting to celebrate the history of the White House.

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