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Magnolia Large Square Cachepot


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SKU 001276 | Size 6 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 7 1/2

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The 18-acres of the White House grounds within the iron fence are the oldest continually maintained ornamental landscape in the United States. This garden is the result of two centuries of presidential interest and affection, especially for the noble old trees. The most famous of the noble White House magnolias are the Jackson magnolia, long assocaited with President Andrew Jackson's grief over the death of his wife Rachel, who died in 1828 just weeks before he took office, as well as four saucer magnolias which were planted in the Rose Garden during the John F. Kennedy Administration. The magnolia's distinctive showy flowers are depicted in this delicately hand-painted and gilded porcelain collection designed by Anna Weatherley especially for the White House Historical Association.

About the Artist

Based in Arlington, Virginia, Weatherley was selected in 2009 by First Lady Laura Bush to create a hand-painted “casual” presidential china service, featuring a magnolia blossom pattern. It is used as an informal setting in the White House private quarters. She has also created pieces for the Prince of Wales Foundation in the United Kingdom.

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