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Political Cartoons and the White House (#48)


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Made in the USA

Made In The USA


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Filled with the best of the amusing and the pithy American political or "editorial" cartoons, this issue of White House History is designed to celebrate the art of cartooning as it has been applied to the White House and its occupants. After the Civil War the art came of age in America primarily in the newspaper work of Thomas Nast, and achieved in the twentieth century a significant place in our political culture. With the advent of technology and the reduction of the mass of newspapers that once covered the nation, political cartooning seems in a sense a part of the past, yet its funny renditions of opinion continue, and its bite does not relax. We have assembled the best practitioners of the genre with features on: Thomas Nast: “Father of the American Cartoon”; Clifford K. Berryman, The Dean of American Cartoonists; The White House as a Symbol in the Cartoons of Herblock: Selections from the Library of Congress; Newspaperman Francis Preston Blair’s Cartoon Collection at Blair House; Penning the Presidents: Cartoons from the Collection of the James Monroe Museum; and On the Record with Off the Record’s Cartoonists. A highlight of the issue is a retrospective of the work of cartoonist Pat Oliphant, our cover artist, who reflects on his fifty years of covering the presidency.

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The 24th Annual Communicator Awards -Award of Excellence


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