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Teddy Roosevelt Decoupage Glass Plate

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Made in the USA

Made In The USA


SKU 195 | Size 10" x 13


Additional Information

This John Derian decoupage tray features a painting of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President 1901 - 1909, by Polish artist Tadeusz "Tade" Styka circa 1909. Styka depicts Roosevelt during his time with the Rough Riders, a volunteer cavalry unit that Roosevelt led during the Spanish-American War. The painting later hung in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

About the Artist

Decoupage is the art of cutting and gluing paper images to surfaces. John Derian, an avid collector of antique fruit, flower and animal prints, hand-paints borders and patterns over centuries-old ledgers and letters. He combines all these elements into charmingly eccentric collages which are reprinted and pieced together in layers under glass accessories. His ever expanding collection includes plates, platters, paperweights, lamps, table tops, umbrella stands, vases and shadow boxes. John Derian's designs are handmade in his studio in New York and prized by collectors around the world.


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