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The White House Remembered: Recollections By Former Presidents


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Made in the USA

Made In The USA


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“The White House is old by our standards and yet it is young. I can count nearly fifty years . . . of walking up the Northwest Drive in the constant pursuit of news . . . And like almost everyone who works in or around the White House for any time at all, I have come to view the building as an enduring and comforting friend in times of tragedy and as a counselor of caution in moments of national euphoria. It always whispers to me, ‘Nothing is as good as it may seem right now—and nothing is as bad as you may judge in the moment.’”—Hugh Sidey


Edited and compiled by the late Hugh Sidey who, as a correspondent for Life and Time magazines, reported on the White House for nearly 50 years and covered ten presidents, many of whom have shared their feelings and memories about the house itself with him.


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