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Victorian Lace Earrings


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Silk Thread and Glass Beads

SKU 001475 | Size 2½"

These elegant lace earrings, adorned with glass beads and silk thread, will transport you back into the Victorian era.

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Jewelry of the Victorian era, which corresponded to the reign of Queen Victoria of England from 1837 to 1901, was feminine, sentimental, and often symbolic. Lockets, cameos, heart pendants, flower motifs, and colorful gemstones were popular throughout the period. First Lady Julia Grant, for example, treasured a locket containing a picture of her husband Ulysses Grant. The use of seed pearls in brooches, tiaras, and earrings helped define Victorian fashion and President Abraham Lincoln, in fact, gave his wife Mary Todd a stylish necklace and two bracelets adorned with seed pearls to wear to his first Inaugural Ball in 1861. Diamonds became more widely available during the period and President Grover Cleveland gave his young bride Frances Folsom a diamond necklace as a wedding gift in 1886. Other popular gemstones and materials often found in Victorian necklaces and drop earrings included amber, amethyst, emeralds, garnets, turquoise, ivory, tortoiseshell, and coral.

These elegant lace earrings, adorned with glass beads and silk thread, will transport you back into the Victorian era.

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