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White House Weddings (#54)


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This issue of White House History Quarterly features the history of marriages celebrated in the White House, with fully illustrated articles.

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This issue of White House History Quarterly features the history of marriages celebrated in the White House, with fully illustrated articles on the earliest and more recent brides, the public's curiosity, decorations, wedding cakes, and related historic sites. Highlights include:
"A First Daughter’s White House Wedding: Etiquette Wars and a Celebration at Stephen Decatur's House:"Author Lauren McGwin looks at the complexities surrounding Maria Monroe's limited 1820 wedding invitation list. Although offended when not invited to the wedding, high society was welcomed to a reception at Stephen Decatur's house on the eve of the duel that would take his life.
"Nellie Grant Marries in the East Room: Rediscovered Relics of a White House Wedding:" William Adair presents the story of elaborate architectural features installed by President Ulysses S. Grant to embellish the East Room for his daughter's 1875 wedding. Removed during the twentieth century, the relics were recently rediscovered by the author who shares the story of their journey from White House to auction house.
"What Flavor is the Cake: White House Weddings and the Public's Curiosity:" Bethanie Bemis examines how traditions for releasing wedding details to the public have evolved. Included are wedding cake recipes released to the press for the weddings of Luci and Lynda Johnson and Patricia Nixon.
"A White House Wedding Remembered:" White House bride and groom Lynda and Chuck Robb, who married in the East Room in 1967, share memories of their courtship during Marine Captain Robb's service as a White House Social Aide, and recall the day of the wedding and the impact of Captain Robb's assignment in the Vietnam War on their life as newlyweds.
"Alice Roosevelt weds Nicholas Longworth" by Selwa (Lucky) Roosevelt brings to life the 1906 wedding of Theodore Roosevelt's eldest child.

The publication of this issue also marks the 225th anniversary of President James Madison to Dolley Madison at Harewood, the home of George Washington's descendant George Steptoe Washington. Walter Washington, the current owner, invites White House History Quarterly's cameras into his private home for a rare glimpse of the preserved parlor where the ceremony took place.

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