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Avenue in the Rain Scarf


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100% Polyester

SKU 001670 | Size 32" x 60"

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This scarf features the beautiful painting Avenue in the Rain by Childe Hassam (1917). This painting of American flags on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is by one of the most prominent American Impressionists of the early 20th century, Frederick Childe Hassam (known to many as Childe Hassam). The painting depicts both flags hanging on Fifth Avenue as well as reflections of the flags in water following a rainstorm. Avenue in the Rain is one of thirty flag paintings of his that coincided with World War I. Fifth Avenue in New York City was frequently decorated with American flags at the time, as the United States debated entry into the war. This piece was completed in February of 1917, barely two months before Congress declared war on Germany on April 6th. Six Hassam pieces are in the White House Collection.
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