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Mac Safari Users Help Page

To order products from the White House Historical Association's online shop, you must enable "cookies." Please refer to the following instructions for enabling "cookies" in the Safari browser before shopping. We apologize for the inconvenience.

SAFARI 5+ Desktop / Laptop Users

1)  In your desktop menu bar, go to "Safari > Preferences" and select the "Privacy" tab.
2)  In the "Block cookies" section, select "Never."
3)  Close "Preferences" panel, and begin shopping.

More information about Safari 5+ desktop browser "cookies" can be found here.


1)  On your iPad or iPhone, find and tap your "Settings" app, scroll down and tap "Safari."
2)  Under "Privacy," tap "Accept Cookies" and select "Always."
3)  Exit the "Settings" app, and begin shopping.

More information about Safari 5+ mobile device "cookies" can be found here.

A definition of "cookies" from the Apple Support Page: "A cookie is a piece of data that a website puts on the device so the website can remember you when you visit again. Important: Some pages may not work unless you accept cookies."

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