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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's Starburst Brooch


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Made in the USA

Made In The USA

157 faceted crystals

SKU 001847 | Size 40mm round

Additional Information

The Starburst Collection is inspired by one of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's favorite pieces of jewelry, a nineteenth-century brooch of diamonds set in silver and gold that she acquired in London during her first months as first lady. The brooch quickly become one of her signature accessories, and she often wore it pinned to coats, jackets, and dresses. Mrs. Kennedy also frequently fashioned the brooch as a hair ornament, perching it atop her coiffure for elegant State Dinners at the White House. The diamonds in her hair served as a stunning counterpart to the tiaras worn by royal guests.


Gold, Regional History, Benjamin Frankling Awards
Gold, Regional Non-Fiction. Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY)
Silver, History-- Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY)


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