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Inaugural Views (# 42)


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Made in the USA

Made In The USA

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In this issue of White House History, we feature two classic results of research that digs into and interprets letters, reports, and invoices documenting the history of the White House itself. Andrew McCarthy has analyzed the original design of the White House approved by President Washington, while David Ramsey has taken a single room, the Red Room, and combined research with computer skills to recreate that interior’s appearance at a moment in time. In recognition of the centennial this year of the National Park Service, Robert Grogg presents the story of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s patronage of ten magnificent postage stamps meant to promote the public’s use of the parks in Depression-weary America. A new presidential inauguration being not so far away, Candace Shireman has assembled flamboyant inauguration drawings made on the scene and published in news magazines more than a century ago. Now in the collection of Blair House, The President’s Guest House, these drawings show that enthusiasm for this event was just as great in the past as it is today.

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