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Patriotic Scarf


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100% silk

SKU 001426 | Size 36" x 36"

Additional Information

This patriotic scarf is inspired by the vibrant history of the military in the White House. Perhaps the most iconic example is the United States Marine Band, which played its first White House reception on January 1, 1801, two months after President John Adams moved into the new home. It has played every inauguration since Thomas Jefferson's time, earning the nickname, "The President's Own," and continues ceremonial occasions such as receptions, holidays, and State Visits. The scarf also features different elements of historic uniforms and insignia. The eagles, representing the Great Seal of the United States, adorn the four corners. The use of navy, red, and gold, as well as the gold tassels and aiguillettes, evoke the colorfully ornate uniforms of past White House military aides such as Douglas MacArthur and Archibald Butt.
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