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White House Ornaments


1)  When will the newest Ornament be available for purchase?
2)  How can I purchase all of the White House Ornaments available?
3)  Are there discounts available for purchasing large quantities of White House Christmas Ornaments? 


1)  Traditionally the newest ornament is available in late-spring/early-summer. What for the announcement on our website.
2)  Please go to the Ornament Category on this website. You can view and order all or any one of the White House ornaments that are available. Please note, except for the 1989 ornament, the first 16 ornaments (for the years 1981-1997) are only available in sets of four ornaments each. The remaining ornaments can be purchased individually. You may call the Association's toll free merchandise ordering number at 1-800-555-2451 and an operator will be happy to take your request.
3)  PLEASE BE AWARE that third party vendors resell the official White House Christmas ornament. Always look for the WHHA logo on the web page to ensure that your purchase of the ornaments is from the association.

* The WHHA is the creator of the White House Christmas Ornament and owns all copyrights in the ornaments. Except for TheWhiteHouseOrnament.com website, WHHA does not sponsor and is not affiliated with any other website that offers the White House Christmas Ornament for sale. Accordingly, WHHA cannot warrant the authenticity or quality, nor control the pricing of ornaments sold by third parties.

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