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Away from the White House: Presidential Escapes, Retreats, and Vacations


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SKU 505 | Size 9 ¼" x 12"; 440 pages

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Long years have passed since an American president, taking his cue from the customs of the diplomatic community, abandoned the White House for most of the summer to go home and take care of his personal business—then nearly always a farm, such as Jefferson's Monticello or Adams's Peacefield. Today the presidency is year-round. Time away from the White House must be fitted into the great puzzle of his overall responsibilities, and is inevitably shorter than in the distant past. Some of his work goes with him, as do several key advisors, a large detachment of Secret Service agents, and all the others essential to the well being of a president. Still, on vacation he is officially on his own and he chips away a little time for leisure. Away from the White House: Presidential Escapes, Retreats, and Vacations presents a lively and interesting slice of the presidency that most of us know little about: How the president relaxes away from the White House. Author Lawrence L. Knutson is a journalist and writer. He retired from the Associated Press in 2002 after a 37-year career, spent mostly in Washington, D.C. As an AP reporter, he covered the White House, Congress, State Department, and national political campaigns. He witnessed every presidential administration from Lyndon B. Johnson to George W. Bush and he frequently observed presidents on vacation. Foreword by Brian Williams, Former Chief White House Correspondent of NBC News and Anchor and Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News. Includes over 500 illustrations. Published by the White House Historical Association.

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Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Winner - Historical (Non-Fiction)                                                                                                                                                                                                         USA Book Awards, Winner - US History
Washington Book Publishers Design and Effectiveness Awards: Outstanding Work by a Trade Publisher 

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