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Photographing the White House (#58)


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Made In The USA

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Ever since John Plumbe Jr. captured the first known photograph of the White House in 1846, professional and amateur photographers alike have focused their lenses on scenes from every chapter in the life and evolution of the house. This issue of the Quarterly looks at the evolution of White House photography with stories from both sides of the camera. Historian Clifford Krainik takes readers back to the 1840s to see the first photographs made inside the White House. Susan Ford Bales, the youngest child of President Gerald R. Ford, provides the moving backstory that led her to use photography to "ignore the frustrations and embrace" all of her unique experiences as the president’s daughter. The stories of the "ultimate insiders" are revealed by Ken Walsh who profiles the work of all those who have held the title "Official White House Photographer." Jeffrey Parsons writes about exploring Washington with his Rolleiflex in 1959, a time when the public could simply appear at posted hours to visit the White House. Richard Hussey shares the story of a collection of late-nineteenth-century glass plate negatives found in a bushel basket on his family's farm, including two breathtaking views of the White House. Mary Jo Binker profiles President Richard Nixon's photographer Ollie Atkins who dutifully followed the president's "six clicks and out" rule. Also featured are ten of the most compelling images of the hundreds submitted by readers to the Quarterly's open call for photographs. Family vacations, honeymoons, holidays, and even a marriage proposal are among those selected for publication.

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